Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Use of Summary update option ‘Invoice Account’ in AX2012

Use of Summary update option ‘Invoice Account’ in AX2012


In a scenario where you want to update multiple SO/PO at one go but against their respective invoice accounts, there is a feature provided in Ax 2012.
In the following example; we have 4 sales orders for Invoice posting and of these four, two have one invoice account specified for them and the other two have another invoice account specified for them. If you perform an Invoice account summary update for the orders, two updates are created, one for each invoice account.
There are following 4 SO our of which 2 having one invoice account and rest 2 have different invoice account;
All the 4 SO are in Delivered state and ready for Invoice posting;
Multiple Invoice Acco

  • Select any of four SO and click menu button ‘Invoice’
  • System opens ‘Posting invoice’ form
  • Click ‘Other’ tab
  • Click drop down list of field ‘Summary update for’ and select value as ‘Invoice account’
  • Click button ‘Select’ and select all the 4 SO mentioned in above screen print
Posting Invoice_

  • Click button ‘Ok’
  • System does Invoice posting of all the 4 SO
Let’s confirm of how many invoice id got posted. As per explanation given above, there shall be 2 invoice ids update.
For SO-17 & 19 – Invoice id is same;
Same Invoice_

For SO-20 and 21 – Invoice id is same but different from the first one’
Same Invoice__

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